Are you planning to install solar panels at your home or office? Then you must be wondering about picking up a solar company for the installation process. There are numerous solar companies in the market and the task of selecting one can become overwhelming for you. So, here are some of the pro tips that will help you choose the best solar company in Sydney.

  1. Is the solar company reliable?

The industry of solar energy is still very new and thus, it’s hard to find out companies that are reliable. The market is overloaded with several small solar installers that have been dealing with solar panels for years but still lack expertise.

Also, there are numerous companies in the renewable energy sector that supplies cheap equipment. But remember these types of equipment provide poor performance that does not meet the parameters of standard installation. Eventually, this costs more in the future.

Make sure to decide rightfully about your solar investment. A genuine solar company always provides complete information regarding the cost, durability, and performance of the solar panels. They also share their experience and customer reviews, and this makes them a reliable company.

  • Do they provide custom solar solutions?

Always choose a solar company that can provide solar solutions as per your energy requirements. You may come across several shady solar companies and fall prey to their misleading or cheating practices. But a reliable company ensures to provide the best solar solutions that match your energy requirements.

Experienced and qualified solar experts always offer a customized solar panel system to meet your household energy requirements, considering the important factors such as the position of your roof, the direction that receives the maximum sunlight, and the shade surrounding your house.

  • Do they offer top-quality brands at reasonable prices?

As already mentioned in this guide that you may come across several solar companies that can rip you off with poor quality brands. Keep in mind, a company that does not offer top-quality brands can never match your household energy requirements with quality products.

Partnering with the best solar company in Sydney ensures that they will provide genuine recommendations and quotes that suit your energy needs within budget. Note, products differ from each other based on price, size, and warranty. But, a reliable solar company knows the importance of offering quality products to meet the needs of its customers.

A trusted service provider will always make sure that you have access to top brands in the solar energy industry. Itwill offer a high-performance solar panel system for your household that delivers the best results and also reduces your energy bills, all at reasonable prices.

  • Do they provide post-installation support?

Always make sure to choose a solar company that provides all-time support. The solar installation at your home might be done correctly, performing absolutely fine, but there might be a situation when it stops working.

You might fail to find out the fault as you are not a solar expert. Thus, always get the solar panel installed by a company that provides specialized solar experts to fix post-installation issues if any.

  • Do they have CEC accreditation?

In Sydney, it is essential to choose a solar company that is a CEC (Clean Energy Council) member. It means that the company has successfully completed all the relevant safety and quality qualifications pertaining to the solar system installation.  If you fail to partner with a CEC accredited installer, then you will be ineligible to access the government rebates and incentives.


Now that you know how to choose the best solar company in Sydney, you should also remember to get your existing switchboard inspected prior to the solar installation process. This will help you to save time and also reduce your stress to get the installation done easily. Thus be prepared before paying your deposit to the solar company so that you do not come across any unwanted problem on the panel installation day.

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