Some of the most popular and well-known cowboy hats have wide brims, crowns decorated with feathers, and realistic patterns. These quality hats have been associated with cowboys since the early 1800s and have become a signature part of American culture. A good-quality cowboy hat will also be made from real leather or wool felt to ensure that it will last for many years. If you are in the market for a genuine cowboy hat for men, then you can look for these striking features of men’s cowboy hats. 

Leather Material

Leather and fur are the two most common materials used in a cowboy hat. This makes the hat authentic and natural for the local region, as well as being durable. The best leather hats are made of full-grain leather, tanned to give them a rich color and strong texture. Unfortunately, the market is also filled with cheap quality products, which are entirely a waste of money. Look for genuine leather cowboy hats to get that authentic look. Back in the staring days of cowboy hats, people used to make cowboy hats with original leather with hand. If you are after that authentic culture of cowboy hats, then make sure to choose a genuine leather hat.

Broad Crown

The cowboy hats have a broad crown, so they do not curve much at the top. This is done using blocking and makes them very symmetrical in pattern and shape; they are also sturdy enough to be worn even during windy weather conditions. A good-quality cowboy hat will also have a large pattern on the crown made of different colors and materials. The most common types of decorations are feathers and flowers, although they can be made from wood instead of fabric.

Width Of The Brim

The cowboy hats have broad brims that cover most of the areas on the head except for the ears. This brim shape makes for a comfortable fit because it is not too tight and does not leave any pressure on your face when you wear it during warm weather. It also gives the illusion that you have longer hair, which is why men wear them in warm weather areas. The major role of brim apart from style sense, is to protect your face from sun. If you live in a hot region, make sure you choose hats with wide brim. 

Informal Of The Brim

The cowboy hats tend to be quite informal when compared to other hats. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are often decorated with feathers. When you are looking for a quality hat, you should focus on these factors. Nothing gives the impression of a casual style or western look than an informal cowboy hat, so be sure to pick an easily wearable one in any setting. Just pick your look, and it will become easy for you to find a perfect informal cowboy hats for your styles.

Feathers On The Brim

You can find a wide variety of different styles for the feathers on the brim. They come in colors like purple, green, and even red. You can also have them made in more lifelike colors that are not bright at all. Some of these feathers are found naturally, while others are made by hand. Men looking for masculine cowboy look often avoid feathers and other decorative items. However, these are great elements if you want to get unique and better style hats with striking features.

Realistic Pattern

This is one of the most striking features of good-quality cowboy hats for men. These hats do not just have a simple stitch or a flashy design; they are also made to be a realistic representation of what they are supposed to look like. The best example is the famous cowboy hat with a large brim and feathers that look like cattle horns. The patterns and styles of these hats have remained virtually the same in the past couple of centuries, making them great examples for people who want to get an authentic western feeling in their accessories, clothing, shoes and everything that goes with it.

Reactive Brim

The main role of the cowboy hat brim is to protect the face from direct sunlight, which can cause skin damage. However, it is also an important part of the overall appearance. The size and shape of the brim can give a certain effect on your overall look and style. Look for a hat with good quality materials; you should also try to pick different styles that are available in different colors and designs to get a universal feel. 

The cowboy hats come in very different sizes and will not match if you do not look for the right size that matches your face shape and head size well. While the quality cowboy hat is more expensive, it is certainly worth every single penny spent.

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