Prolonged use of cocaine brings massive physical and mental health deterioration in a person. There comes a time when symptoms like nervousness, agitation, depression, insomnia, and fatigue become a part of life for the addict.

Cocaine may make you feel euphoric immediately after taking it, but it can make you distressful in the long run. Cocaine addicts are often found to have a hopeless view of life. Their life revolves only around cocaine – how to get it, how to use it, and when to take it next.

This calls for help. Indiana drug rehab center is equipped to handle mild to severe cases of addiction. If you have reached a phase in life wherein you get strong cravings for cocaine and you cannot resist despite wanting to, you need a rehab program.

Instead of feeling hopeless about life, catch this ray of hope in the form of rehab and see how life takes a turn for you.

The cocaine “crash”

Cocaine first gives you a “high.” Then it gives you a “crash.” This is a typical depressive feeling when the effect of the drug starts to wear off. You become moody, irritated, anxious, and apathetic. You may sleep for longer than normal periods. After you wake up, you may again feel the classic depression of the “crash” and want your next dose of cocaine.

The sooner the treatment, the better

Don’t let your or your loved one’s life revolve around cocaine. It can lead to serious damage to health. Callthedrug addiction hotline today.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant. It puts severe strain on the vascular system and the heart. During cocaine use, blood vessels constrict. The heart has to work harder. This can prove to be a lethal combination. It can lead to heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Prolonged use of cocaine can enlarge the heart or damage it permanently. It loses its ability to pump blood efficiently. This can create repercussions to overall health.

The sooner a cocaine addict gets appropriate cocaine treatment, the better. Each time you use the drug, you take one more step towards a health doom.

What happens in rehab?

Rehab centers feature a comprehensive program that includes detoxification, therapies, counseling, and other mental exercises for a person. Healthy meals and exercise become a part of life here. Rehab centers strictly follow the round-the-clock sobriety rule that makes it possible for an addict to start life afresh.

You can easily contact such a center by searching “rehab near me”. Cocaine addicts usually recover fully in in-patient rehab. This is because cocaine cravings are strong. It is better to live in a well-supervised environment round the clock to cope with the cravings and your emotions.

Rehab centers also harbor other addicts. You live with people who are like you. This gives you strength and motivation to De-addict. Inmates of good rehab centers help each other in their recovery process.

With appropriate medical assistance and proper guidance and counseling, you are able to pick the pieces of your life again.

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