We all know the importance of taking care of our bodies, however, many of us come to this realization after having health setbacks.

A timely visit to the doctor at the time of pain, and otherwise to keep up with your health in general, can not only save your health, but also improve your prognosis.

Therefore, knowing when you need to visit your doctor at Ittefaq Hospital is very important. Recognizing the signs is crucial, as many people tend to shrug off the symptoms to the point that they sustain much damage.

Much like the rest of your body, being aware of the issues that concern your eyes is important.Some signs that you need to visit an eye doctor near you include:


Pain is the first sign that there is something amiss in your eyes. For in case of mild and random pain, it is most likely nothing to be of much concern. However, if the pain is intense, and not random, then you need to talk to your doctor.

Double vision

Seeing dual things is not normal, and thus when it occurs, you then need to visit a specialist. The problem might be in one of your eyes, or in both eyes. Moreover, it also may be when you view from both eyes that vision becomes double, otherwise the eyes on their own function well.

When you see double, it may be due to issues with retina, lens, nerves or even the brain. Therefore, it merits urgent care. 

Dry eyes

Dry or itchy signs are also a cause for concern. Your eyes might become dry from lack of tears. There are many reasons for this problem, including computer vision syndrome, allergies etc. You can manage dry eyes by using artificial tears. 


Infection can also lead to problems with the eyes. Symptoms that generally tend to accompany infection include swelling of the eyelids, presence of pink in the whites of the eyes etc.


It is not normal for your eyes to feel fatigued. One of the most common reasons for you the eyes being fatigued is due to digital eye strain. When your eyes have to gaze for long hours at screen, especially when the contrast is poor, there is glare, or the font is very small, then your eye muscles need to work harder.

It then causes fatigue. One way to manage fatigue is by managing your screen time. You can also improve the symptoms by placing your screen better and having better lighting.

The fatigue can also be due to allergies and flu. However, there might be other reasons for the fatigue, so getting a doctor’s diagnosis is important.

Focus problems

If your eyes are not able to focus properly, then you might also need the doctor to look into it. It is even more pertinent that you visit your doctor if the problem with focus or blurring sets in suddenly.

You might also have problems with focus if your vision has problems, as naturally, you cannot see properly.


Headaches can be caused because of various factors, including problems with vision. If you are experiencing issues with vision, and are having frequent headaches, you should visit your eye doctor to rule out the cause for the headaches.


When your vision contains halos around light sources, especially in the daytime, then you also get a consultation from the doctor.

Night vision issues

Not being able to view properly at night can be an indicator of cataracts. However, the problem may also be due to poor lighting or aging. Even then, get clearance from your eye doctor.


Experiencing sensitivity in the eyes is also a cause for concern. It may be a sign of infection or disorder in the eyes, and thus needs to be checked by an Eye specialist in Islamabad.

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