Is your website crashing frequently or running slowly? Are you seeing an increase in site visits but no conversions? If so, you may need to optimize your site in specific ways to improve site engagements and user experience.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

If your site is experiencing a low conversion rate, improving your landing pages could help improve engagement. Your landing page is the first page of your website that a user sees and interacts with. Typically, this is your home page, but product pages can also be essential landing pages. When designing your landing page, ensure you have a clear and concise message and a prominent call to action button. A call to action button is anything the user can click to take them further into your site. A typical call to action could read “Learn More” or “Sign Up.”

Use SEO to Improve Your Relevancy

Business and eCommerce websites most likely already utilize Search Engine Optimization as an essential competitive tool of digital marketing. If your site is experiencing high bounce rates, consider looking at your site’s SEO structure to make sure you rank for keywords relevant to your business or message. Search engines will use keywords in your site’s content and design to rank your web pages for matching search queries. If you aren’t aware of the keywords relevant to your industry, you may inadvertently rank for irrelevant searches, which lead your site to the wrong audience, increasing bounce.

Take a Look at Content

Besides optimizing your site content for keywords and SEO, you should generally keep your content updated and growing. Creating new content is a great way to generate new site traffic and reach a wider audience. New content will bring visitors to your site, whether it’s a digital marketing campaign to promote a specific product or a series of blog posts to share industry knowledge and gain site authority. By adding content relevant to your industry to your business’ webpage, you can also increase your possible search relevancies. Doing this will allow more users to discover your site when searching for information about your industry in general.

Update Your Platform

Enterprise sites and other websites that store large amounts of data may experience storage and speed issues as they grow. Upgrading your server and obtaining VMware hosting services can significantly improve the performance of any site without sacrificing your data security. Companies like Liquid Web offer private cloud hosting solutions that “combine the benefits of a traditional public cloud with simple, predictable pricing and a streamlined management experience.” These services can remove the stress of managing your site security and data while improving your overall site performance with improved hosting resources.

Track Your Site Performance

Site traffic is a good metric for understanding how each of your web pages performs with your audience. Understanding how to optimize that traffic and what obstacles are turning users away is key to improving site conversions. If you aren’t already tracking your site metrics, start exploring your current performance metrics. With tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, you can follow your site’s performance and keep tabs on SEO keywords and opportunities to improve your on-site optimization. Tracking performance is an essential aspect of maintaining a working and reliable website.

A slow site won’t get you the results you need to generate traffic or business. These are just a few of the ways you can improve engagement with your site. Maintain and optimize your website to make it fast, reliable, and user-friendly.

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