If you are an Aussie, you know how much we enjoy our patios. In the warmer months, the patio becomes a place of entertainment, whereas, in the colder months, it acts as a sanctuary.

In fact, a particular survey concludes that 77% of Australians use their outdoor living space daily.

But maintaining these outdoor areas can sometimes be a hassle since they are constantly exposed to the harsh Aussie weather. Pressure cleaning your outdoor entertainment areas every time harsh weather is definitely not an option.

So, what are the top tips for maintaining your patios in Brisbane? How to keep your patio clean without constant professional help? Read on to find out!

Top tips for maintaining your patios throughout all seasons

Here are the top tips you can leverage to maintain your patios segmented by seasons. Read on!

1.     Autumn

Now that autumn has set in, winter is just about to set in, but the sunshine hasn’t faded away all the way. Hence, getting out to clean isn’t too much of a hassle since it is considerably warm. Here are some tips to keep your patios clean in autumn.

  • Make sure there aren’t trees or bushes growing in very close proximity to your patio. If so, trim them because leaving them would result in mildew, moss, and mould growth.
  • Make sure you constantly clear fallen leaves and other debris.
  • Get a spray hose pack and wash down your patio roof properly. If not, you can also use a pressure washer paired with mild cleaners for an effective spray cleaning.
  • Keep harmful chemicals away from your patio.

2.     Winter

Aussie winters can be pretty cold, so naturally, you won’t be using the patio as much. In this case, maintain your patio by checking these few things off your list.

  • All the big furniture present in your patio must be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably a shed or a garage. This is to prevent them from getting wet outside.
  • Smaller items (e.g., pillows, coffee tables, rugs, etc.) must also be brought indoors.

3.     Spring

Now that the sun is out and the weather is as pleasant as possible, it is time to whip out your cleaning gloves.

Along with cleaning your house, pay special attention to your patio and check these points off a list.

  • Make sure there is absolutely no debris or dirt on the patio floor.
  • Wooden surfaces can be scrubbed with mild cleansers. If your surface is made of composite material, you can use a solution made explicitly for composite surfaces. In the case of vinyl, mild soap and warm water will do the trick.
  • Deep clean with a power washer in case the patio is too dirty.
  • Clear sealing or resealing of your patio is an excellent option if your patio flooring is decking.

4.     Summer

The onset of the relatively dry and warm summer weather pushes patio maintenance towards further ease. Make sure you stay hydrated and follow these tips while cleaning your patio.

  • Get rid of all pesky weeds.
  • Inspect for damage (e.g., rotting) and get rid of that as well.
  • Regularly wipe and spray the patio to keep its shine in the dry season.

Wrapping up

With Australian household patios being exposed to all weather extremities, cleaning and maintaining them requires adequate care.

Therefore, while cleaning your patio in Brisbane, make sure you follow the above tips. These tips are the secret to an extended life for your patios.

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