If you have learned about web scrapping just now, you must be excited and thrilled. However, it is not that easy to start web scraping project soon. It is human nature to get excited about something new, which they find easy, but you should also have some experience and practice to not make mistakes. There are times when you will get stuck and be confused. 

You’ll also find it difficult to come up with ideas if you want to start your first project. It is important to have some of the best ideas before starting the project. We have brought you some of the unique ideas that will help you a lot if you are going for a web scraping project in 2022. 

What is web scraping?

First of all, you need to understand the concept of web scraping very clearly. This will help you start your projects without any complications. You will be able to complete your projects because you will have all the understanding of web scraping. 

  • Web scraping is the extraction of data that you can extract from a website and paste into a useful format that can be used for information. 
  • There are many situations in which web scraping is mostly done with automated software.

 Most people do not go for doing it manually because of the error they can make during the process. There are a lot of advantages if you are going for automated software rather than doing it manually. 

Web scraping ideas for 2022 that you should be aware of

It is very important to have some of the best ideas in mind if you want to start web scraping. We have selected the best 5 ideas which can help you start a web scraping project on your own. Let’s have a look at the five options which are most suitable for you in the year 2022. You can easily decide on your web scraping project by going through these ideas.

  • You can go for price comparison.
  • A simple investment app is also very useful. 
  • You can go scrap a subreddit to find popular words and topics.
  • You can scrap a database for someone else, or you can also sell it.
  • Tt is time to take on a real web scraping job 

It is also important to understand the power of web scraping by going through some examples. Let’s go through further analysis of a few examples. 

Raising the standard of price comparison.

Many people want to know the prices of different items, and they also want a comparison between different competitors. This can help them choose wisely. You can start scrapping data from E-Commerce sites for data on the product and comparison of the price. 

You can take it to the next level if you go and analyze the data for the best purchase you can make in a certain category. You can go for all the tablets that are available on Amazon, and you can also give them information about the best product which is available on Amazon and which will be convenient for your pocket. You can also filter out some of the products that have a low amount of reviews. 

How can you build an investment app with no coding?

When you read the word building an investment app, it will sound very difficult. However, it is not difficult at all, and you can easily do it on your own. You should set the main goal of the app to scrap the specific stocks from the trusted platform of Yahoo Finance on a daily basis. You can put the scrap into Excel, and as soon as any of the stock drops with specific pricing, there will be a notification with the word buy sent to your email. 

 You should understand a few concepts before starting this project. Some of them are: are:

  • How can you scrape data from Yahoo Finance?
  • How can you import the web scraps from Google to Excel? 
  • How can you send an email notification from Excel which is based on the value of the cell?

Scrapping subreddit for finding popular topics and words

You can start scrapping words and topics that get more upvotes than any other community. Some topics get more discussion and comments. You can start scrapping the subreddit and go for creating graphs. You can start sharing these graphs for further discussions.

Scrapping a Leads database for someone else 

There must be people you know who are running businesses. You can help them by building a database for them which can give them a business lead. You should ask them about the type of business they are running and what type of leads they want. This way, you will be able to make a database, and you can also sell it. 

Going for a real web scraping job

There are many Jobs available online where you can start your web scraping projects. You should choose the company with whom you want to work with. You can apply to them, and you will be guided about the work if you are experienced. 

You must have an idea now about the project you should go for if you are thinking of web scraping. However, you must be wondering which web scraper you should use. It depends upon the project that you are up to. 

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