Dark Souls Dragons

As the invincible and terrifying enemies of Dark Souls, dragons can be quite the challenge. As the game depicts them, they can be tough to kill, even if their attacks are deadly. So which of the four dragons are the most challenging to kill? Read on to learn about these creatures. And then, if you have a spare moment, try to kill one yourself! But be warned: Dark Souls Dragons aren’t the only type of dragon you should avoid.


The town of Oolacile, in the game’s third act, is the abyssal epicenter, the territory of a giant cyclopean dragon, “the last of the ancient dragons” and the ‘bringer of calamity’. The inhabitants of Oolacile may have awakened Manus, who must now fight off the ‘Black Dragon’ Khalameet. Originally, the town of Oolacile was a lush forest, with a tenuous relationship to mushroom folk and an ability to farm in the wild. However, when the Black Dragon Khalameet appeared, all of these protections were destroyed and Oolacile’s only way out was through the use of the powerful creature beneath them, which was ultimately a dragon that had been threatening the

Manus, the first Dark Souls Dragons to visit Oolacile, is actually a human ancestor, which implies that he had Furtive Pygmy ancestry. Manus ripped Chester through time to the Oolacile when he sensed the Broken Pendant. It’s unknown if this was a conscious act or a result of some other reason, but it does provide a clear explanation for Chester’s appearance.


As the strongest Dark Souls Dragons in the game, Kalameet can deal massive damage, but this is not the best way to beat it. Its primary attack is a lunging head attack that deals massive damage from a distance. To cut off its tail, you must deal a certain amount of damage to it. The damage you deal will depend on the HP of your enemies and your current HP.

You can use a bow or a crossbow to deal with this enemy, but don’t charge it. You will waste Estus, and a tail slam is very unlikely to cause much damage. When you do encounter Kalameet, you’ll probably want to circle it at a mid-range distance. By doing this, you can evade its attacks and force it to use its Mark of Calamity gaze.

The Gaping Dragon

The Gaping Dark Souls Dragons is one of the main antagonists in the game. It is a huge dragon that appears when the Chosen Undead enter the Depths. Its attacks are delivered by swiping its tail, stomping its body, and slamming it against the ground. When the player is grounded, the Gaping Dragon can charge toward them or use its wings to lift into the air. When it charges at a player, it also has the ability to point to the player’s location.

While attacking a Dark Souls Dragons, you can use your sword, your bow, and your shield. A sword will do more damage than a hammer. A shield will protect you, but it will also take damage if you are close enough to hit it. When attacking a dragon, remember that it has an incredible amount of HP. Make sure you equip your weapon with an armor shield so you can protect yourself.


Seath is a messed-up character in the Dark Souls video game series. He betrayed other dragons out of jealousy, taking the Primordial Crystal for himself and allowing Gwyn to kill them. However, there is another version of this story, where Seath was a god who made the Primordial Crystal himself. If you’ve played the game, you know that Seath has some interesting traits, so let’s take a closer look at him.

The first and only location for meeting the feared Dragon is the Crystal Cave, where the player must defeat Seath the Scaleless. Luckily, you won’t have to fight him more than once, as this boss is fixed and cannot be beaten. This way, you can save your lives if you can find him in two different locations. While fighting Seath, don’t forget to hit his crystal heart, because if you miss, you’ll lose all your health.

The Stone Dragon

The Stone Dragon is one of the many mythical beasts that inhabit the world of Dark Souls. It is the last OG Everlasting Dragon, and was hatched somewhere, secretly, as the Bonfire Maiden. It is a powerful beast that grants Nirvana to those who defeat it, and it also has a scale-sona. It has four legs, four wings, and eight limbs.

The Stone Dragon is one of the dragons in Dark Souls 2. Unlike the other two, this beast is friendly and doesn’t attack the player. While the Black Dragon Kalameet is the main villain in Dark Souls, he only exists because the city of Anor Londo feared his wrath. Likewise, the Undead Dragons are creatures that still possess a spark of life inside of their decomposing bodies.

The Consumed King

The Consumed King of Dark Souls 3 is an optional boss that you can face in the Boreal Valley. After killing the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, you can approach Oceiros, the Consumed King. Defeating this monster will reveal a secret path to the Untended Graves. The game rewards you with the Path of the Dragon gesture if you defeat him. This guide will help you beat Oceiros, as well as explain the rewards of beating him.

Final Words:

The Consumed King’s survival was attributed to a dragon scale ring, which protects against backstabs and echoes the scaly back of the creature. However, despite being able to ward off backstabs, Oceiros was not without his unhealthy obsession. His sorcery staff is a potent weapon, which can cast petrifying crystals and lethal silver fog to destroy his opponents.

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