The influence of art on the Australian public and the Australian community, including the artists themselves, is a vital aspect of their cultural landscape. Many of them are very talented and skilled painters.

Notably, Sydney is showcasing amazing artworks through the Museum of Contemporary Art. Many other events are taking place in Sydney to discuss the influence of individual painting styles on Australian culture and act as community spaces for people to have fun and enjoy.

Paint and sip in Sydney is a world-famous event that provides an ideal opportunity for artists to create stunning art pieces. These events are often scheduled with a much larger audience and thus are more visible.

It is also conducted on the influence of individual painting styles in everyday life of the people of Sydney and how they use it as a community event for recreation. 

What happens in a paint and sip event?

Paint and sip in Sydney started with a humble beginning but are now known worldwide. It became famous for its unique combination of two stress-relieving activities (painting and drinking wine, beer, or best cocktails).

History of paint and sip event

In 2007, paint parties were started in America. People gathered and organised paint parties. It was first organised by a renowned business which later became one of the largest ‘wine and paints’ franchises.

It was all about opening a studio where like-minded people gathered and spent some quality time without missing fun. Many different versions of events started sprouting in various parts of the world, creating numerous community spaces.

The unique idea was loved by many and was even used for surprising their loved ones differently. It is also used for team-building activities by many corporations for their employees to take a break from their tight schedules.

Why do people love this event?

There is nothing to hate in the event. It is a fun-filled break from your routine where you get to spend time with your friends and family with a great drink and be engaged in creative work.

Paint and sip in Sydney can fit into any ideal party. There is no compulsion to master the art of painting to be part of this event. It is all about creating a positive, cooperative, and supporting environment to thrive and enjoy.

It is a platform for anyone to get out of the house and have some time for relaxing and socialisation.

What must you paint?

You can come across a world of art in the paint and sip events. However, there is no compulsion to draw anything in particular. You can create a masterpiece or draw anything you see, feel or even splash the paint on the canvas and start making modern art. The event will unleash huge artworks for every artist to see and be inspired.

How to enjoy the event to its fullest

Never hesitate to ask for help

There is no one there to judge you. You are present there for yourself to enjoy and relax. If you feel any trouble, there are so many around to help. Just lean back, listen, observe and start feeling great. There are volunteers and teachers to help you at any moment, so do not hold back but talk and make friends.

Don’t judge yourself.

If you are painting for the first time and it turns out horrible, do not worry. Just understand that you can improve in time. Let it go, and appreciate others’ work.

Be experimental

Do not be on the safe side. Try doing different things as it is a trustworthy platform to improve. So, listen to your heart and paint without any restrictions.

Finally, the ultimate motive of these events is to have fun, just fun. So, do not let any bad moods get in there.

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