It is estimated that the market for eyelash extensions will reach the 1.8-billion-dollar mark in Australia by 2025. In this country, this treatment registered a 32% increase in 2018. It’s way ahead of what the market for eyebrow products witnessed, which was a 24% increase. The key to becoming a skilled eyelash technician is teaching the right skills. You need to understand the practical and theoretical side of the eyelash extension service. Today, you can enrol in an advanced certificate online eyelash extension course in Australia. This online course teaches you about the various extension types, styling, mapping, application and lash removal. You also get a custom lash extension kit delivered straight to your house as part of the course.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Lash or eyelash extensions are a part of semi-permanent beauty treatments. An eyelash extension technician attaches false lashes through a specific glue on the lash line in this treatment. As the name suggests, the treatment involves inserting fake lashes on the lashline of a person. Thus, it gives that person an appearance of a fuller eyelash. It also provides the appearance of mascara, but you don’t need to go through the hassle of applying it daily.

Generally, the eyelash extension lasts for a month before the need for touch-ups arises. The technician uses different types of eyelash extensions on different people as per their preferences and needs. These include the following:

  • Classic eyelash extensions
  • Natural lashes
  • Russian volume eyelash extensions
  • Full or half set of eyelash extensions

The Work of Eyelash Extension Technicians

Eyelash extension is a service that’s being rapidly added by various beauty therapists all over. The therapists that choose to specialise in this skill are called eyelash technicians. They have comprehensive eyelash extension training and work for Brow and lash beauty boutiques. They can also start their own business. You can consult with them to determine the type of lash that will best suit your face shape. They use their in-depth knowledge to give you the correct answer and instructions on how to care for your lashes afterwards.

Why Enrol in an Online Eyelash Extension Course?

As mentioned before, the market for eyelash extensions in Australia is flourishing. A course wherein you’ll learn the applications of eyelash extensions will give you opportunities to get certified and earn a lot. You can find an entirely affordable online eyelash extension course in Australia for as low as $25 a week at zero interest rate. Moreover, you can pursue the course at your own pace. The study options are appropriate for people who want to have a side hustle or begin their own eyelash extension business. Such a course is also apt for new mothers, students, and those who want to become beauty consultants.

Types of Courses to Explore

If you are keen on developing the required skills, it’s time to take an online course. The following are some of the most common and in-demand job titles you can pursue:

  • Eyelash specialist
  • Eyelash technician
  • Eyelash stylist
  • Eyelash business owner
  • Eyelash artist
  • Eyelash studio manager
  • Eyelash technician trainer

Remember that eyelash professionals do not just know about eyelash extensions but also related services like eyelash lifting and tinting. Once you feel that you have acquired the requisite skills, you can go on to diversify your skillset.

Many training courses give students continuous support throughout training. With an online training option, anyone residing in any part of Australia can participate in the course.

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