Do you often look around your living room and feel like something is missing?

Modern homes have large, open spaces with ample lighting. What they lack is a structure essential to separate one living space from another.

So, a living room sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture to outline soft boundaries for your room. It can deck up your entryway or the shorter living room wall. Additionally, it creates an aesthetic nook for displaying a part of your personality.

Read ahead for some exciting ideas for your statement sideboard.

3 Tips to Style Your Sideboard

Living and dining room furniture makes for almost a 1 billion USD market in Australia. To talk specifically about sideboards, it defines functional aesthetics with the large amounts of storage it offers. So, it is crucial to select the right one for your house.

Here are some things to consider while picking out a sideboard:

  • Your buffet should match the theme of your living room and its furniture
  • It should not overwhelm and draw attention away from the rest of the room
  • The cabinet must have enough storage to meet your needs

Now that you know how to pick your ideal buffet, look at the best tips to style them in your contemporary house:

1.Create a Minimal Entryway

Entryways allow your guests to glimpse what the rest of your house looks like. Still, they can be tricky spaces to furnish. So, a minimal approach is the best option.

Find a sideboard that matches the colour of your walls. A white sideboard against a white wall is the classiest option if you have wooden flooring. Also, a flowering plant and a simple décor item or fragrance diffuser can add significantly to the clean vibe.

A stone or marble platter can serve as a place for holding your keys. You can also hang some paintings above your sideboard to add more life to the space. Moreover, you can use the cabinets to store new footwear, carpets, and rugs.

2.Build a Green Nook

If you are a plant-lover, you will spare no opportunity to display your beautiful greens. What better way to do it than atop an elegant wooden cabinet?

Use your living room sideboard to create the home jungle you have always dreamed of. To add uniformity to your nook, ensure that all the pots and planters are the same colour. Add hanging plants or a painting if the wall above your buffet looks vacant.

A matching lamp would add to the cosy feeling in the evenings. In addition, you can use the storage to arrange your gardening tools and supplies. Although, if you are not a plant parent but would still love a touch of green in your living space, fake plants are the way to go.

3.Display Your Collections

Do you have a collection of books, art, antiques, or other interesting objects?

If yes, then showcase them on a stylish sideboard. Due to their simple design, they make for the ideal place to set up a display. However, you do not need a uniform collection for your buffet. If you have a diverse range of eclectic and memorable décor pieces, you have a collection!

In contrast, you can also pick a unique theme for your sideboard. For instance, your favourite movie or fashion era.

To Sum Up

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on building more structures for your house. A simple living room sideboard can do the job.

The number of design options on the market makes the styling possibilities endless. So, get creative and create something truly unique to you!

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