All the terminals and the cargo ports are different as they come with different features. They vary in not only size but also location and freight types. However, the primary functionalities of the terminal revolve around different processes, including vessels, freight, and connected inland transport. 

When you understand these primary objectives, you will be able to know the common terminal operating points in key areas. Not to mention, when you know about the terminal operating issues, you will be able to ask relevant questions to the freight forwarding company and ensure that they are providing you with top-quality services. Here are the common terminal operating problems you need to know. 

Disruptive Vessel Calls Planning 

If you look at the vessel side, you will notice that there are countless problems associated with the scheduled berth windows, loading or unloading goods as per the vessel ETAs, and communication with the shipping line as per the synched operations. 

It’s extremely important to pay close attention to each step so you don’t make mistakes. You need to ensure that unloading or loading sequences are proper. Apart from that, developing proper communication with the freight forwarding company will also help you boost operational efficiency. But this process will become much more complicated due to the delays of vessels as well as other disruptions that are nothing but a waste of time, port resources, and fuel. Therefore, the operators need to take proper steps to react in a timely manner, resources allocation, and reschedule berth. These tasks will become super overwhelming without a proper terminal operating system

Improper Configuration of Yard Space

The terminal’s yard is an enormous storage area that needs high management steps. The primary issues regarding the yard space are optimal cargo allocation, staff coordination, and handling equipment. Not to mention, the organization of proper truck movements is also one of the most complicated issues of the yard space. You need to come with different types of storage areas so that the freight can be allocated as per their instructed operations. Since terminals handle thousands of containers daily, paying attention to these processes manually is a close to impossible task. As per Port Technology, shipping containers can last for 20 years.

Complicated Equipment Scheduling and Staff

Scheduling is undoubtedly one of the most common problems of terminal management, especially for large businesses that come with numerous operational units. In the terminal, scheduling of the equipment and staff is highly dependent on the truck visits as well as the vessel calls. Even though you will face various problems connecting all of these together, everything will become messier in case of inevitable disruptions such as shipping delays or equipment failure.  

Improper Cargo Tracking

This is another common terminal operating problem you need to be aware of. However, with the latest technology, this problem can be avoided. Containers need to be tracked when they reach their destination, loaded or unloaded, stored, and shipped. This will help the managers prevent chaos in the terminals. 


These are the common terminal operating systems that you need to keep in mind. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to contact us. 

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