Many websites are selling supplements online, but some of the products might not be genuine and could even be fake. So, there are some essentially apparent signs to look for that will help you identify whether a supplement is genuine or not. Making sure you know these signs can help you avoid buying a fake one and getting scammed.

So, when shopping for supplements in an online supplements store, look for quality ingredients and an accurate label. And here are some actively essential things to look for when identifying fake supplements:

Incorrect Dosage Instructions

Supplements should always come with clear dosage instructions so that users can avoid over or under-consuming the product. So if there are no dosage instructions, be suspicious.

Unproven or Unverifiable Claims

Many fake supplements make unproven or unverifiable claims about how they can help improve your health. So, ensure third-party sources independently verify the supplement you’re considering buying from any online supplements store.

Unknown or Obscure Ingredients

Be wary if a supplement includes ingredients you don’t know or haven’t heard of. Some fake supplements may contain harmful chemicals or contaminants.

Commonly Used Counterfeit Ingredients

One of the most common ways to spot a counterfeit supplement is to look for an ingredient not typically found in supplements. And some fake ingredients often used in supplements include stimulants, steroids, and fillers. Other signs that a supplement may be counterfeit include low-quality graphics and production values and high prices compared to similar supplements. So, if you are currently unsure whether a supplement is authentic, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional.

What Are the Signs of a Fake Supplement?

The supplement is extremely expensive: If the price is too high, the product is likely fake. On the other hand, cheap supplements may not contain the same ingredients as regularly priced ones, so they may also not be as effective.

The supplement doesn’t have any reviews: If there are no reviews for a particular supplement, it’s likely a fake product. Also, if there are many suspiciously positive reviews but no negative ones, this could also be a sign that the product is fake.

The ingredients are unknown or dubious: If the ingredients in a particular supplement are unknown or dubious, this could be a sign that the product is fake. Many times, fraudulent supplements will use cheap ingredients to increase their profits.

The Four Cs of Supplement Authenticity

Clinical evidence: It refers to studies conducted on the effects of a particular supplement on humans. This information can help determine whether the supplement is effective and safe.

Composition: It refers to the ingredients contained in a supplement. A product with a high-quality composition will be made up of ingredients that are effective and safe.

Claims: This refers to any claims made about the benefits or uses of a particular supplement. For example, a supplement may claim to help improve energy levels or reduce inflammation.

Credibility: Finally, this refers to the reputation of the company that is producing the supplement. A product with high credibility will be backed by reputable companies, meaning that they have been found to be reliable and accurate in their products.

It’s no secret that supplements can be expensive, but it’s essential to be vigilant when shopping for them. So, here are a few proven tips to help you identify fake supplements:

  • Look for products that offer miraculous results without any objective evidence to back them up. These supplements may contain unproven ingredients or even dangerous chemicals.
  • Be suspicious of products that are too good to be true; often, these supplements are scams actively designed to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

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