Everyone needs to protect their dental and oral health proactively. For example, an athlete is always at risk of injuries, and close contact with other players makes them more prone to falls and different injury-causing scenarios. So, they may want a protective layer to safeguard their teeth against shock. Similarly, someone can have misaligned or crooked teeth that don’t just hamper their smile but daily dental functions also. They may want to straighten their structure to enjoy all the aesthetic and functional benefits. No matter what you desire, a comprehensive dental health service provider will be able to look into your concerns and solve them too. Here is a quick look at the popular services:

Custom-made mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards protect your teeth and gums from injury while you play sports. They can be soft, pliable materials on your teeth and gums. If you get the right design, it will be easy to wear and will not interfere with your breathing or speaking. One can wear these over braces also. When you visit a reputed dentist, you will need to tell them the type of sports you engage in, such as football, boxing, and hockey. All these activities have unique risks, so having a proper mouthguard thickness can be vital. For example, tennis is a low-contact game, so there will be different types of requirements.

A well-built mouthguard can evenly distribute the pressure caused by a shock. But for this, the quality has to be perfect. If it’s the right fit, your upper and lower jaws will have proper distance from each other, causing the concussive effect of the shock to distribute well.


If you are afraid of those chunky metal braces, and that’s why you are putting up with crooked teeth, you don’t have to wait for more. Clear aligners can straighten your teeth without affecting your beautiful smile. The customized aligners tend to be invisible, so most people won’t even know you’re wearing them. Since these are removable, you can eat and drink freely, even during treatment. No more struggle with daily tasks like brushing and flossing, which you cannot imagine with metal brackets. Best of all, this has been effective in treating a wide range of dental issues. Whether your teeth are mildly crooked or severely misaligned, achieving a straighter dental look is no longer a tedious and painful process.

You can talk to your chosen dentist if you have any doubts or concerns. Or, if you don’t know anyone, you can meet a dentist at Dublin Dental Care or somewhere else. His experience and skills can address all your queries about the treatment.

Same-day crowns

Whether your molars or incisors get chipped, damaged, or develop a crack, you can seek help with this service. The dentist will investigate the tooth condition, take the image for making a mold, and fix it.

Going to a clinic that uses the latest technologies can be advantageous. You can expect their services to be more reliable, durable, and efficient. At the same time, you will not have to worry about side effects or other issues. 

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